Hello, and welcome to my online portfolio.

I am a recent college graduate from Westfield State University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public and Corporate Communications.

Here you will be able to find work samples, links to my publications, and insight to the areas of communication that I am passionate about.

I currently operate two blogs not including this one here. The first publication is P.S. Breathe, a mental health blog. The platform I am working to create is meant to engage a community of people dedicated to their mental health and self improvement. P.S. Breathe can also be found on Facebook.

The second is more for fun. I founded the sports site, The Spinner, with a close friend. In addition to keeping the site operational, the duties I handle are the name, logos and design, and all audio and video content. We have made this a site where our friends, and anyone interested, can have a platform to talk sports and we hope to see the site grow and the activity reach a more consistent level.

Please feel free to click around and check out the rest of this site.

Thank you so much for your time,

Matthew M. Dolan